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At the corner of Garden Street and Palafox Place, our building is in the heart of Pensacola. The property is a 4.5 acre site on the corner of Palafox and Garden street and includes seven buildings, 200,000 square feet of commercial space, and an open-air pedestrian breezeway connecting the block to the east side of Palafox street.

Restoring and preserving the century-old Brent and Blount buildings, One Palafox Place hosts a number of Pensacola’s thriving night spots and restaurants, along with commercial offices and resurfaced parking.




The Brent, Blount, Moulton and Marston Quina buildings are some of downtown Pensacola’s most historic landmarks.

After the 1905 Halloween night fire consumed the original buildings on the block, new buildings were commissioned by Francis Celestino Brent and William Alexander Bloutn. The Brent building was designed by Francis Celestino Brent and William Alexander Blount. The Brent building was designed by architect Higdon Hawley and constructed by M.T. Lewman. The Blount building, originally known as the Blount Watson building prior to the fire, was constructed by Charles Hill Turner in 1906 for a cost of approximately $200,000.

In 2015, the property was purchased by the Switzer family who is bringing the block back to its original glory through a historic restoration and redevelopment transforming it into a new live, work and play community.

Since the purchase, our team has worked diligently with prominent historically trained architects and contractors that specialize in historic restoration. We strive to preserve the integrity of these historic landmarks!